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Album: West Coast House Party [free mp3]

Release: 2000 year
Artist: Kid Ramos
Album Tracks: 16 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

West Coast House Party download


File Size      #
1. Kid Ramos - 'Lizabeth.mp3 (6.86mb) download
2. Kid Ramos - Bring It Home To Me.mp3 (4.16mb) download
3. Kid Ramos - Guitar Player.mp3 (4.06mb) download
4. Kid Ramos - Happy Hour.mp3 (9.03mb) download
5. Kid Ramos - House Party.mp3 (6.51mb) download
6. Kid Ramos - Love Don't Love Nobody.mp3 (3.98mb) download
7. Kid Ramos - One Bar Short.mp3 (5.53mb) download
8. Kid Ramos - One Mo' Peep.mp3 (5.35mb) download
9. Kid Ramos - Real Gone Lover.mp3 (5.15mb) download
10. Kid Ramos - Silly Dilly Women.mp3 (7.33mb) download
11. Kid Ramos - Strollin' With Bone (Part 1).mp3 (6.28mb) download
12. Kid Ramos - Strollin' With Bone (Part2).mp3 (5.54mb) download
13. Kid Ramos - Talking That Talk.mp3 (4.70mb) download
14. Kid Ramos - Welcolm Blues.mp3 (5.45mb) download
15. Kid Ramos - Where Were You.mp3 (3.40mb) download
16. Kid Ramos - Wipe Your Tears.mp3 (4.80mb) download

Album: Greasy Kid Stuff [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: Kid Ramos
Album Tracks: 17 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Greasy Kid Stuff download


File Size      #
1. Kid Ramos - Ain't Gonna Holler.mp3 (4.58mb) download
2. Kid Ramos - Charlies Old Highway 51 Blues.mp3 (8.61mb) download
3. Kid Ramos - Chicken Hearted Woam.mp3 (4.60mb) download
4. Kid Ramos - Country Woman.mp3 (4.86mb) download
5. Kid Ramos - Devil's Foot.mp3 (5.96mb) download
6. Kid Ramos - Gratitude Is Riches and Compla.mp3 (6.06mb) download
7. Kid Ramos - Greasy Kid Stuff.mp3 (4.42mb) download
8. Kid Ramos - Harmonica Hangover.mp3 (5.41mb) download
9. Kid Ramos - Hold Me Tenderly.mp3 (3.09mb) download
10. Kid Ramos - I Don't Care Who Knows.mp3 (5.32mb) download
11. Kid Ramos - It's Hot In Here.mp3 (4.41mb) download
12. Kid Ramos - Low Down Woman.mp3 (5.34mb) download
13. Kid Ramos - Marion's Mood.mp3 (6.10mb) download
14. Kid Ramos - Mean Ol' Lonesome Train.mp3 (4.42mb) download
15. Kid Ramos - Rich Man's Woman On A Poor Man.mp3 (5.91mb) download
16. Kid Ramos - Say What You Mean, Baby.mp3 (5.05mb) download
17. Kid Ramos - That's What She Hollered.mp3 (5.43mb) download

Album: Kid Ramos [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: Kid Ramos
Album Tracks: 15 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Kid Ramos download


File Size      #
1. Kid Ramos - Bandstand Boogie.mp3 (5.25mb) download
2. Kid Ramos - Cold Chicken and Beer.mp3 (4.96mb) download
3. Kid Ramos - Dead Love.mp3 (6.10mb) download
4. Kid Ramos - Fiddle De Dee.mp3 (5.68mb) download
5. Kid Ramos - Helsinki Laundromat Blues.mp3 (9.44mb) download
6. Kid Ramos - I Don't Believe.mp3 (4.75mb) download
7. Kid Ramos - I Would Be a Sinner.mp3 (4.68mb) download
8. Kid Ramos - It Takes Time.mp3 (6.43mb) download
9. Kid Ramos - Leave Me Alone.mp3 (4.58mb) download
10. Kid Ramos - No More Alcohol.mp3 (4.54mb) download
11. Kid Ramos - One Woman, One Man.mp3 (6.45mb) download
12. Kid Ramos - Open Up Your Heart.mp3 (5.31mb) download
13. Kid Ramos - The Jig's Up.mp3 (5.34mb) download
14. Kid Ramos - Three Hundred Pounds of Joy.mp3 (6.03mb) download
15. Kid Ramos - Walk-Around Telephone Blues.mp3 (5.62mb) download

Album: Two Hands One Heart [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: Kid Ramos
Album Tracks: 16 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Two Hands One Heart download


File Size      #
1. Kid Ramos - Ain't Gonna Quit You Baby.mp3 (5.57mb) download
2. Kid Ramos - Baby Look at You.mp3 (5.51mb) download
3. Kid Ramos - Done Deal.mp3 (4.66mb) download
4. Kid Ramos - Everything I Do Is Wrong.mp3 (5.01mb) download
5. Kid Ramos - I Can't Stop It.mp3 (5.29mb) download
6. Kid Ramos - I Was a Fool.mp3 (5.29mb) download
7. Kid Ramos - If You Don't Think I'm Sinking.mp3 (7.58mb) download
8. Kid Ramos - It's Been a Long Time.mp3 (4.39mb) download
9. Kid Ramos - Just Like a Woman.mp3 (6.19mb) download
10. Kid Ramos - Roll Mr. Jelly.mp3 (6.00mb) download
11. Kid Ramos - So Good to My Baby.mp3 (5.18mb) download
12. Kid Ramos - Tell Me What's the Reason.mp3 (4.67mb) download
13. Kid Ramos - Two Hands One Heart.mp3 (3.65mb) download
14. Kid Ramos - Win with Me.mp3 (5.24mb) download
15. Kid Ramos - You Don't Know.mp3 (4.58mb) download
16. Kid Ramos - You Don't Love Me.mp3 (6.95mb) download

[ Bruce Carroll: Driving Nails ]

Artist: Bruce Carroll
Song: Driving Nails

Since that blessed night in a manger, she watched her baby grow,
It seems Like yesterday He was in her arms, where did the time go?,
He learned His Fathers trade, as she marveled at It all,
The sweat dropped from her Little Carpenter as He made the timbers fall,

She can hear the driving nails upon the Hillside,
and she prays that His spirit will not fail,
she watches as a young man undertakes His Fathers Will,
as she stands and listens to the driving nails
In the streets of Jerusalem a child can disappear ,
She was frantic as She looked for Him, Until She began to hear,
the hammers up at the temple, she called Him as she ran,
surprised she found Him teaching like no ordinary man

Darkness covered all the land in the middle of the day,
she began to tremble as the earth began to quake,
Hammers, Nails & Timbers of The Carpenters Trade,
made the sound that pierced her soul as the Cross was being raised

And She cries and Listens To the Driving Nails

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